Konspirasi Dua 1st Draft

MDB, SOA; TPP, CIA! line
Konspirasi Dua, Medium dan Dimensions Variable, Copyright 2015 Niranjan Rajah

The  intra-UMNO  crisis unfolding presently mirrors that of 1998 so strongly that I am inspired to produce a second equally speculative piece titled ‘Konspirasi dua’.

Speculative reasoning and pure hallucination!

Observation –
Najib vs Mahathir
USA vs China

Arab donor tu Siapa?
Apa sebab dia bagi?
Kenapa belum ada jawapan?

Hypothesis  –
MDB*, SOA**; TPP***, CIA****!
** SO(SM)A
*** TPPA
**** OK lah! DU SABLE is better but it does not rhyme! An even better acronym will surely surface as we wait and watch …


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