Canadian Genocide

Suicide is colonized and nothing more,
just another dead native on the floor.


The more I explore this idea of genocide in and around my own life and times, the more I am convinced that as human beings we are innately destructive of others, we are deluded as to our actions and motivations, and ultimately we are self-destructive. In other words genocidal and suicidal at the same time. Genocide is understood today, to be the intentional and systematically eliminate a cultural, ethnic, linguistic, national, racial or religious group. I take small issue with this definition, in that I believe that systemic motivations may be embedded at a deeper psychic levels than  surface intention formation.  Smallpox , residential schools, religious conversions, reservations all were mechanisms in the elimination of native ‘ cultural, ethnic, linguistic, national, racial and religious groups’ in Canada. Were they implemented with clear intention – sometimes yes, but not always, in my view anyway. Has there been a genocidal destruction of native peoples in the history of Canada?  – Yes I think so. Intentional? – Yes and no! And what about today, are we Canadians aware of continued destruction of these peoples by neglect, chronic under-funding, mis-management, continued immigration, resource extraction. development,and, yes, by suicide! All this amounts to an unintentional but nevertheless systematic, or more precisely, to a systemic genocide – it is in the DNA of Canada. New immigrants are implicated too as the consequences of old immigration as well the machinations of contemporary resource extractions and allocation are within our electoral control.

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