Genocide and Immigration

In this post I want to continue with the topic of genocide, to which I find deeply connected in many regards. The first connection is that I am of Tamil ancestry, from Jaffna and my people have lost their homeland to Colonialism and to Sri Lankan nation state. In loosing their struggle for an independent Tamil Elam, they lost what  little autonomy they had in post-independance Sri Lanka. The stories of the battles fought by the Tamil Tigers ring like little Big Horn and Wounded Knee in the hearts of the Tamils in our vast diaspora. The last struggles of the civil war became increasingly brutal and the de facto Tamil kingdom carved out by Vellupillai Prabakaran was finally decimated in what many consider a merciless act of genocide. The next connection is the ongoing and systemic genocide of the native peoples of Canada that, as 21st century  immigrant to Canada, I am complicit in perpetuating. And then there is this idea given to me by an Ottawa taxi driver from Pakistan, auto-genocide! I will explain in my next post ….

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