So lets pause for a moment. Is all this spinning off, on my part, into topic like suicide and genocide and violent resistance the result of an overactive imagination – I am after all an artist – I wonder about this myself. I am working from the heart and the gut, as much as I am trying to analyse things and trying to be objective. Sometimes I feel it all  pure hyperbole and sometimes I sense that my finger is on the pulse of the situation! Just yesterday, Gerald Amos, chair of the Friends of Wild Salmon was reported to have said , said. “If they approve this project, I think (Prime Minister Justin Trudeau) declared war on the people who are concerned about this system,” He was reportedly speaking  on behalf of the BC chiefs on a trip to Ottawa in an effort to counter what they believe is a heavy lobby by Petronas-led Pacific Northwest Gas LNG to push the Lelu Island project through. Colonization and resistance to it form an ongoing structural dynamic of Canada. . Hyperbole? Sure but it does resonate somehow ….

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