The Koboi Returns 2023 – 9

This Ottoman diagram from the eighteenth century, depicts the realm of the Divine above the Heavens, the seven spheres of Heaven, the earth, and the seven spheres of hell. The uppermost section, the realm of the Divine, shows among other Holy symbols (the Pen, the Hidden Tablet, the Holy Standard, and the Holy Mountain) the Toba tree of the (or Shajarat al-Tûba , theTree of Bliss which is mentioned in several hadîths), “whose shade a rider could travel for a hundred years without crossing it,” whose flowers form the clothes of the people of Paradise and whose fruit can satisfy a whole tribe. Directly below the Heavens is the earth, the centre of which is marked by the Ka’ba. Represented below the earth, but in fact surrounding it, is the Mount Qaf the realm of the jins and spirits, a boundary world; and further down lie the seven levels of hell, in which, along with other symbols (the bridge and the cauldron), there is another tree – the Zaqqum. This tree springs out of the bottom of Hellfire and has fruit-stalks like the heads of devils. The Dammed will eat its fruit after which they will drink boiling water and then return to the Hellfire.