No More SOSMA Please Anwar! 2

A is for Anwar Ibrahim! On September 2nd 1998, then deputy prime minister and finance minister Anwar Ibraham was sacked from his posts on and expelled from UMNO. He was he was acused of sexual indecency, hindering police investigations and sedition and arrested on September 20 and held for nine days under the country’s Internal Security Act (ISA) before being taken charged with three counts of corruption and four of homosexual acts. Anwar had visible bruising to the face and neck, having been beaten unconscious during his detention under the ISA.

Anwar is now Prime Minister and once again Finance Minister. His party PKR, fights under the logo of an eye which alluses to his abuse while under ISA detention. Surely, Anwar and PKR will live up to their many promises to review SOSMA and do justice to their logo, which thrusts upon the conscience and consciousness of the electiorate, the ethos of reform! Surely He, his party and his PH coalition will make it their higest priority to review and revise, if nor repeal, this draconian act.