Baba is Back!

‘Director Suresh Krissna, explains the reasoning behind the re-release of Superstar Rajinikanth’s 2002 flop, Baba in 2022. Suresh notes that Rajinikanth felt that a re-release might work today, in the context of the rise of fantasy-oriented content, as proved by the success of Kantara and Karthikeya. Baba has been. The film was released in theatres on December 10th, two days before the Superstar’s birthday.

Forms of Government 15

15. Gerontocracy:: A form of government in which the elderly rule, and of which, Malaysia is an exemplar, with Mahathir Mohamed holding the record for the world’s oldest Elected leader when he became Prime Minister in 2018 after GE14.

Forms of Government 14

14. Thanatocracy: A form of government associated with death, including one founded on politically organized mass killing. This is a common scenario in polities divided by ethnic and sectarian divisions. While the scale of killing was small when compared to the allegedely genocidal scale of death involved in countries like Rawanda or Sri Lanka, the establishment of a new power relationship between the races in the Malaysian polity, post May 13th, 1969, might said to be Thanatocratic.

Forms of Government 13

Ochlocracy: A form of government in which politics is effected by disordely mobs. Not prevalent in Malaysia, but there have been instances – for example, when Barisan National (BN) supporters attacked the Asia Pacific Conference on East Timor (APCET II) in November 1996, in defiance of the BN government’s demand not to proceed. All conference delegates were detained by the authorities after they were attacked by the Mob.

Forms of Government 11

11. Xerocracy: A form of government in which power is achieved and maintained by rule by leaflet … surat layang lah…. apa lagi – Misalnya  ’50 Dalil Kenapa Anwar Ibrahim Tidak Boleh Jadi PM .oleh Khalid Jafri Bakar Shah.

Forms of Government 10

10. Economocracy: A form of government, dominated by ‘specialists’, driven by economic priorities and often leading to the sublimattion of sectional interests in public policy applied, purportedly, for the public good..