Rajini Brand not for sale

rajni snack

Here is the Rajinikanth and Meena snack pack on a grocery shelf in a Japanese store. This is a rare image. Thalaivar has strong brand value but the point is that he does not offer it out for hire. I wonder if the above packaging is unauthorized as according to Kalayani Subramani, over the whole of his 42-year career our Thailaivar has not endorsed a single product. This is a significant characteristic of his fame and SUPERSTAR status he has attained as Kalayani explains, quoting industry experts. Rohitash Srivastava says, “He connects at a higher level.  His fans don’t expect him to tell them what to consume.” Anirban Blah observes, “He is far bigger and has more goodwill and emotional resonance than any corporate brand. In fact the brand loyalty and goodwill he enjoys is bigger than any brand in India — corporate, political or individual. You cannot put a monetary value to that.” And Theron Carmine emotes, “You don’t see god selling coke, do you?”  In fact while all this is the rule there seem to be an exception, an advertisement for…  well …. not Coke but another cola nonetheless!! A Palm Cola Product made, it seems, for the Tamil Nadu Cooperative to support the Palm climbers. Indeed, Rajinikanth has attained something akin to the status of a living god  among the members of his massive fan-base and, as he turns his attention to the political arena, the purity of his brand will certainly be an invaluable asset.

Image: https://thusspokechola.quora.com/How-Popular-is-Rajinikanth-in-the-Land-of-Rising-Sun