No More SOSMA Please Anwar! 3

Pasir Gudang MP Hassan Karim shared a poem that adresses the tyranny and hypocracy of the continued use of SOSMA under a government led by Anwar Ibrahim –

Kuasa itu manis umpama madu
Tetapi kuasa itu juga racun
Menghitamkan kalbu
Kuasa boleh mengubah segala-galanya

Dulu kita kata undang-undang itu zalim
Kita panggil dia draconian
Akta kuku besi
Menafikan hak asasi
Masa itu kita hanya reformis jalanan
Yang bergelandangan

Kini sudah lain
Dunia sudah berubah
Kita sudah di tampuk kuasa
Nun tinggi di Putrajaya

Dari koridor kuasa
Kita mula bercakap
Tahanan tanpa bicara
hampir sebulan pun tidak mengapa

Demi keselamatan negara
Ketenteraman awam perlu dijaga

Hari ini, suara Pak Menteri
Sudah semacam suara Pak Polisi
Lalu, aku yang berpuisi seperti ini
Dianggap menembak kaki sendiri

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Ke Mana Malaysia Kita? 21

Anwar Ibrahim clears his first test as PM as a self imposed vote of confidence on his government passes. This, despite insinuations by Hamzah Zainuddin, the leader of the PN opposition of homosexuality by way of mentioning a scurrilous headline in the Italian Nova News.

The image is from the Dari Pusat Tasek  installation and performance at Percha Artspace, Lumut Perak Malaysia, which ran from December 2019 -January 2020. The photographs of this event, constitute a work tentatively Panji Pauh Ulung which ispart of the Koboi Project. My essay contextualizing this work, The Koboi Project: diasporic Artist… diasporic Art, is included in Interlaced Journey: Diaspora and the Contemporary in Southeast Asian Art edited by Patrick D. Flores & Loredana Pazzini-Paracciani.

Forms of Government 20

Dapatocracy: A form of government wherein politicians are out for what they can get (dapat) for themselves. It is notable that the parties in the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition, including the Democratic Action Party (DAP), have unconditionally backed their Prime Ministerial candidate, Anwar Ibrahim, in forming his Unity Government post GE15. When the cabinet line-up was announced, DAP only got 4 out of 28 positions. This is a sacrifice from the perspective of a party which won the largest quotient of Anwar’s 148 seat majority. They won a whopping 40 seats and, as such, can be said to be making a noble sacrifice. Indeed, it can be said that the DAP is not part of the Malaysian DAPatocracy. But what will become of this traditionally Chinese dominated multiethnic party, given the likely reactions of its base to the equally likely machinations of PH’s new fellows (UMNO, GPS, GRS) remains to be seen.

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Forms of Government 11

11. Xerocracy: A form of government in which power is achieved and maintained by rule by leaflet … surat layang lah…. apa lagi – Misalnya  ’50 Dalil Kenapa Anwar Ibrahim Tidak Boleh Jadi PM .oleh Khalid Jafri Bakar Shah.

Ke Mana Malaysia Kita? 17

NOW SHOWING at a Parliament Near You! … Anwar Ibrahim’s Unity Government Cabinet! PKR, DAP, AMANAH, UPKO, MUDA, MAP, UMNO, MCA, MIC, PBRS, PBB, PRS, PDP, BERSATU Sabah, PBS, STAR, SAPP, USNO, WARISAN, MUDA, PBM, KDM, ….


Ke Mana Malaysia Kita? 14

Zahid visiting Anwar in Hospital in 2017. Pecah belah kuncu yang rapat, Lama lama berkuncu lagi!

A friend, in need, hs a friend in deed. Whenever Anwar Ibrahim has been in need Zahid has been there in deed –

  1. Brothers in activism at Universiti Malaya in the 1970’s
  2. Zahid wase chief during Anwar’s risi in UMNO in the 1990’s
  3. Spearheaded Anwar’s challenge to Mahathir during Umno general assembly in June 1998
  4. Stood by Anwar at the cost of being detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) when Anwar was sacked in Sept 1998.
  5. Joined Najib to write a letter to the Agong, backing Anwar’s bid to become prime minister in October 16, 2020.
  6. A press statements matching with Anwar’s in a bid to topple Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin in March 2021.
  7. His surprisingly intimate and sympathetic with Anwar against respective party sentiments, leaked in Aprin 2021.
  8. And now, leading UMNO in backing Anwar’s long awaited asscent to Malaysia’s Prime Ministership



Ke Mana Malaysia Kita? 13

Mungkin kah Zahid jadi DPM? Carik-Carik Bulu Ayam, Lama-lama Bercantum Juga!

Anwar Ibrahim and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi began their close association as student activists at Universiti Malaya in the 1970s. This relationship reached its apotheosis at the Umno general assembly of 1998, during which Zahid spearheaded Anwar’s bid to oust Mahathir with allegations of cronyism and nepotism in the award of government contracts. As the coup collapsed and Anwar went to prison, Zahid survived by shifting his allegiance to Mahathir. Today, despite pending  criminal breach of trust cases, he is poised to become Anwar’s deputy once again. Although a top UMNO leader is reported to have said this is not likely, Carik-Carik Bulu Ayam, Lama-lama Bercantum Juga!


Ke Mana Malaysia Kita? 7

A is for Anwar Ibrahim. He is now the 10th PM of Malaysia and his first job is to form the cabinet of the new unity government. Partiularly, he has to find a compromise that satisfies his old allies of choice and his new allies of convenience (or duty, to put it positively).. What will this mean for all the hopes of his base, particularly their ‘no compromise on corruption’ and ‘the Malaysia for all’ aspirations. Whatever the outcome, Anwar Ibrahim is now the leader of a larger coalition than he started with and this logically means a degree of detachment from the community that brought him to the Prime Minesterial role. The pertinent question is – how far he will rise above his base?

Update 17. 12.2022: Some quarters are now suggesting that Anwar Ibrahim’s Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)signed with his Unity Government supporters on the eve of the vote of confidence on his new government, is a prelude to a new Malaysian Autocracy! The MOA allegedly contains a condition that misconstrues Article 49A of the Federal constitution as it refers to it as the basis for a clause that requires government MPs to vacate their seat if they vote against the prime minister. On the other hand one cannot but sympathize with the new PM in his desperate need to restrain Malaysian parliaments inherently amphibious condition – its tendency towards Katakcracy!