Suriyan Jelly

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At the heart of the Bangkok Biennale edition of Cowboys and Indians is an antique terracotta of Suriyan from South India with which I re-enact the mythic entanglement of Phra Rahu and Phra Hanuman. In the Hindu/Buddhist cosmos, Suriyan (the Sun) is the central Graha of the Navagrahas or 9 planets. He is an emanation of Lord Vishnu the sustainer and nourisher of the material universe. In Thailand the Navagraha are known as the Nopakroh and Suryian is known as Phra Athit. For the performance  a  food-grade silicone mould was made from the terracotta and from this mould a Black herbal jelly Suryan was made and offered to Phra Rahu.

Making Suriyan Jelly

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I was supported in realizing my performance at the Huai Khwang Ganesha Shrine, Bangkok by Jade Comfort and her family. The night before the performance  I made Black herbal Suriyan jelly to be offered to Phra Rahu. I prepared and poured the jelly into a food grade silicone mould with the able assistance of Lumina and Paloma.