Black Tigers!

black 2Black Tigers! Koboi is with Jade Comfort just prior to the the showdown with Phra Rahu and Phra Hanuman at high noon, 2nd Sept 2018, Bangkok Biennale, Huai Khwang Ganesha Shrine, Din Daeng, Bangkok.


Making Suriyan Jelly

black jelly girls4

I was supported in realizing my performance at the Huai Khwang Ganesha Shrine, Bangkok by Jade Comfort and her family. The night before the performance  I made Black herbal Suriyan jelly to be offered to Phra Rahu. I prepared and poured the jelly into a food grade silicone mould with the able assistance of Lumina and Paloma.


Koboi is Back!

The Team.JPG

I have not posted since early September 2018 when I was in Bangkok participating in the Bangkok Biennale in Tawasek Moslawat’s A Pavilion Without Pavillion. I have many updates to post and I will start with a photograph taken after my performance at the Huai Khwang Ganesha Shrine on 2nd September 2018. I am with my team, Jade Comfort, Jariya Laoriendee, Jane Frankish and Durga Rajah after making my offering to Phra Rahu.

Bangkok Edition

huai khwang.jpg

I will perform the 2nd part of Cowboys and Indians: Bangkok Edition at 11 am on 2nd Sept 2018 at the Huai Khwang Ganesha Shrine, Din Daeng, Bangkok in the course of daily worship.  My performance interprets the celestial conflict between Phra Rahu and Phra Hanuman over the sun, Suriyan. My intervention will take the form of an offering to Prha  Rahu.  I will engage with myth, cinema, social history and the machinations of Southeast Asian Art in terms of ethnicity, nationality, and regionalism. Please visit