Forms of Government 18

18. Autocracy: A form of government wherein a single person has unlimited power, usually but not necessarily a form of despotism. Malaysians might associate the term with the long reign of Mahathir Mohamad as Prime Minister, although his rule was effected under the auspices of Democracy..

Update 17. 12.2022: Some quarters are now suggesting that Anwar Ibrahim’s Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)signed with his Unity Government supporters on the eve of the vote of confidence on his new government, is a prelude to a new Malaysian Autocracy! The MOA allegedly contains a condition that misconstrues Article 49A of the Federal constitution as it refers to it as the basis for a clause that requires government MPs to vacate their seat if they vote against the prime minister. On the other hand one cannot but sympathize with the new PM in his desperate need to restrain Malaysian parliaments inherently amphibious condition – its tendency towards Katakcracy!

Forms of Government 15

15. Gerontocracy:: A form of government in which the elderly rule, and of which, Malaysia is an exemplar, with Mahathir Mohamed holding the record for the world’s oldest Elected leader when he became Prime Minister in 2018 after GE14.

Forms of Government 7

7. Plutocracy: A form of government exercised by the few (the 1%). It is a global phenomena but in Malaysia we can see clearly how its the same small bunch of friends, or rather frenemies, that has ruled us for decades.

Ke Mana Malaysia Kita? 14

Zahid visiting Anwar in Hospital in 2017. Pecah belah kuncu yang rapat, Lama lama berkuncu lagi!

A friend, in need, hs a friend in deed. Whenever Anwar Ibrahim has been in need Zahid has been there in deed –

  1. Brothers in activism at Universiti Malaya in the 1970’s
  2. Zahid wase chief during Anwar’s risi in UMNO in the 1990’s
  3. Spearheaded Anwar’s challenge to Mahathir during Umno general assembly in June 1998
  4. Stood by Anwar at the cost of being detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) when Anwar was sacked in Sept 1998.
  5. Joined Najib to write a letter to the Agong, backing Anwar’s bid to become prime minister in October 16, 2020.
  6. A press statements matching with Anwar’s in a bid to topple Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin in March 2021.
  7. His surprisingly intimate and sympathetic with Anwar against respective party sentiments, leaked in Aprin 2021.
  8. And now, leading UMNO in backing Anwar’s long awaited asscent to Malaysia’s Prime Ministership



Ke Mana Malaysia Kita? 13

Mungkin kah Zahid jadi DPM? Carik-Carik Bulu Ayam, Lama-lama Bercantum Juga!

Anwar Ibrahim and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi began their close association as student activists at Universiti Malaya in the 1970s. This relationship reached its apotheosis at the Umno general assembly of 1998, during which Zahid spearheaded Anwar’s bid to oust Mahathir with allegations of cronyism and nepotism in the award of government contracts. As the coup collapsed and Anwar went to prison, Zahid survived by shifting his allegiance to Mahathir. Today, despite pending  criminal breach of trust cases, he is poised to become Anwar’s deputy once again. Although a top UMNO leader is reported to have said this is not likely, Carik-Carik Bulu Ayam, Lama-lama Bercantum Juga!


Ke Mana Malaysia Kita? 11

Back to the future. Deja Vu! Mahathir was not wrong about the pact, just early! Or was he remembering?

Image :

Ke Mana Malaysia Kita? 9

Mahathir has offered Anwar his congratulations. These are the good wishes of a supremo who has finally lost the crown (sometimes held by a proxy), after keeping his nemesis at bay in a lifelong battle. Mahathir has finally lost every last inch of his kingdom, but he went down fighting at the grand old age of 97. Given his inside view of the struggle, personal feelings aside, I believe he must have the highest regard for Anwar’s prowess in achieving this grindingly impressive rise.

Ke Mana Malaysia Kita? 4

1 Kibaran Bendera, Panji Pauh Ulung, unbublished

Anwar Ibrahim was the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, when the Asian financial crisis struck in 1997. Although he seemed to be on the way to becoming the 5th Prime Minister of Malaysia, he got into a conflict with Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed and, by 1998, he was sacked from his post, arrested and charged with the offences of corruption and sodomy. In 1999 he was convicted and jailed. Today, 24 years after he was foiled in his early prime ministerial ambitions, and following Malaysia’s GE15 resulting in a hung parliament, Anwar has been asked by the Agong to form the next government. At last, in 2022, fragile though his tenure might be, Anwar Ibrahim has finally become the 10th.Prime Minister of Malaysia.

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Saya Doa Bagi Dia Sihat!

Anwar certainly has not lost his bite and charm on the hustings. What wins me over though, is ironically or otherwise, he remembers his adab! Nevertheless, I wonder what this old fued has to do with the future of Malaysia. Which brings me back to the irony in his prayers for good health!