Anwar Shows Some Game!

“After three stints in prison and more than two decades of waiting, Anwar has had enough. He may have the number. He may not. But after Muhyiddin’s sickening betrayal, the prime minister has lost his right to condemn anyone of trying to topple his backdoor government. Even if the entire UMNO bloc shifts its support for Anwar, one should not be surprised at all.” So says FINANCE TWITTER as represented in the Malaysian Chronicle.

Make or break, for better or for worse, Anwar has made his play … the future is uncertain but the game goes on!

Antara Saudara Mara 18

Kleptocracy verdict tomorrow! 3 out of 4 saudara are still in the game for the 9th PM Malaysia. In fact, you could argue that Mahathir also is still in the game, by proxy! Depending on the SRC International BHD verdict, Najib may be having to go proxy from 28 July onwards.