Antara Saudara Mara 5

Sorry Dr M

  1. You cant blame Myuhiddin for Najib’s comeback.
  2. Najib came back because you demurred on your promise to Anwar.
  3. Najib came back because of the weakness in Pakatan Harapan due to the originary fallacy that you and Anwar were united.
  4. Najib came back because you lost your channel to the Agong when you tried to usurp his role by announcing that vote of confidence on 2 March 2020, feigning that His Majesty had consented.
  5. Najib came back because you lost credibility and trust when you tried to form a parliamentary dictatorship that was not acceptable to anyone.
  6. Najib came back because you were working with PAS to while PAS was working with UMNO.
  7. Najib came back because of you!
  8. If you are unable to strike an honest and enduring alliance with Anwar, Najib will remain.

Still, we have to acknowledge that, right or wrong, Dr M’s way is a தனி வழி (one of SUPERSTAR Rajinikanth’s greatest punchlines is “En vazhi thani vazhi,”  which means, “My path is a unique path.”)

Indeed, in spite of all of the above intrigue and conflict, Anwar and Harapan still back Mahathir as their prime ministerial candidate. Even after a massive box office failure, the SUPERSTAR still remains the SUPERSTAR!



Antara Saudara Mara 4


Bagai katak di tengah malam,
berputar pusing, melompat lambung;
Bermain sehingga tak lagi perasan ,
di mana depan, di mana belakang!

Nampaknya ‘main belakang’ bukan sahaja kata penghinaan merujuk kepada maksiat … tapi sudah menjadi istilah penggambaran hakikat politik Melayu sezaman!


Antara Saudara Mara

carik carik bulu ayam

Don’t be misled by the contemporary democratic/ parliamentary frame of reference. This is a post-traditional return to the heyday of the Malay Sultanates (Kesultanan Melayu) – rebutan kuasa di antara pemimpin Melayu sekeluarga, diatas dan keatas Tanah Melayu! Itu sahaja …

PS Sabah Sarawak is not included in this reading … but that is a different feudal narrative!


Dari Pusat Tasek 40

– Anwar | Muhyiddin –
– The Good | the Bad and the Ugly! –
– The Malaysian Standoff –

In the 5 days that have passed the external event has occurred the external event that sets off the Mexican or Malaysian Standoff into motion has occurred. According to the Straits Times the speaker of the House, has intervened against Mahathir’s call for a special session of parliament on March 2nd, and the action has started to unfurl – in slow motion of course!

Mahathir has fallen away to be replaced by Bersatu’s Muhyiddin Yassin, possibly his proxy, who seems to now have the upperhand in the fight. Muhyiddin has the support of Umno and PAS, who were not previously behind Mahathir. According to another Straits Times, “coupled with Bersatu’s 36 MPs, the former deputy premier will have the support of 93 parliamentarians,” thereby getting ahead of Anwar, who had 92 supporters on the last count.

The standoff now seems to be back down to a duel between two – Anwar and Muhyiddin.

Dari Pusat Tasek 10

‘Bersama Abang’ (tak kisah lah siapa lebih tua!) R Viriya pengelola Imej besar Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim di Kampung Indian Settlement, Batu Caves 2008/2018

Happy to meet with R Viriya the sponsor of the gant Anwar Ibrahim hoarding at Kampung Indian Settlement Batu Caves. This hoarding is the subject of my Naan Aanaiyittal image for the Dari Pusat Tasek exhibition at Percha Art Space which continues till 5 January 2020 (EXTENDED TILL 19 JAN 2020). The 12.2m hoarding was first erected in front of Wisma Keringat with council approval in 2008. The hoarding, which had been sponsored through community fundraising, met with accusations of wastage and idolatry from UMNO and PAS politicians. It was taken down at the end of the permit period and kept in storage to be erected again near the Dewan Orang Ramai, Kg Indian Settlement in 2018 for the GE14. According to Viriya the image was painted by a visiting Indian cinema hoarding painter and it certainly conveys the aura of an Indian media SUPERSTAR! I took my koboi photo in 2018 after the surprise Harapan win in GE14.