Oh Canada! 4

A motion to approve the Emergencies Act was passed in the Candian Parliament by 185 to 151 votes on the 21st of Febuary, with members voting along party lines. While Trudeau had not officially designated it as a no confidence vote , he had compared the it to a vote on a throne speech, thereby putting pressure on his caucus.to toe the line, by implying implying that failure might lead to the minority Liberal government falling. Joel Lightbound, the Liberal MP who had unequivocally criticized the government over its handling of the crisis, also voted in favour of the motion. According to the North Shore News , he said that he would be inclined to vote against the measures if it were not a vote of confidence.

In the course of the debate preceeding the vote, the Liberals were accused, by Conservative MP Raquel Dancho of strongarming his backbench and making a power play against political dissidents.

Oh Canada, how are thy Laurentian fathers (and sons) fallen!



New LNG Vote

In October 2016 APTN Investigates aired ‘Lelu Island: A Resistance’, a documentary by Rob Smith. It investigates how the Lax Kw’alaams community vote against the Petronas LNG project was overturned in a new vote organized by a new band council. According to APTN 8,000 members voted out of 3,600 band members. The question on the ballot was one authorizing continued negotiations, including the arguably of concluding those negotiations. It did not specifically present the deal and seek categorical approval from the community for the project. Here is the ballot question as presented on APTN. “Provided the environment is protected, do you support council concluding agreements to maximize benefits for the Lax Kw’alaams members and continue discussions with governments and proponents to achieve successful outcomes for the Lax Kw’alaams”. Aboriginal Peoples Television Network is a Canadian broadcast and Category A cable television network established with government support in 1992. APTN has a national broadcast licence.