Koboi (dlm) Gelap

blogger-image-737706997Jiwa Halus! Thanks Bro. I just love it! Am Going to use ‘Koboi Gelap’ in a new series title – Dendang Koboi Gelap. This new work was shot in the last few weeks and titled today after reading your post. It is a little bit of a tribute to S. Amin Shahab and the sufi and tasawuf oriented lyrics of the  70’s and 80’s Malay Rock. Well that’s my feeling and nostalgia at this moment!. Here are the tentative titles (images you have to wait lah!)

Dendang Koboi Gelap
1 Balada Lama
2 Seniman Jalanan
3 Petanda Memadai
4 Daya Pertimbangan
5 New Model
6 Cowboy Country
7 Injun Country
8 Negara Saya
9 Jeritan Merayap
10 Panduan Naluri
11 Cahaya Mentari
12 Impian Krismas

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