Duck You Sucker!


have been unable to move ahead with this blog in the last 8 weeks as I have been at a loss for words …. literally!! Although a lot has been happening in the this time I could not find the motivation or the words to comment or reflect on either the Malaysian or the Canadian situation. In Malaysia the financial and political funk that stimulated this blog in the first instance has become even more funked up – all sides are looking disingenuous as truthfulness and opportunism seem to have become inextricably enmeshed. All I can say on this topic for the moment, addressing especially those who are the foot-soldiers of the various generalissimos is – ‘Duck You Suckers!’ – after Sergio Leones’s tragi-comic cry of political disillusionment  ( I saw it as A Fistful of Dynamite decades ago in Malaysia). Friends struggling with the politics at home may not find this amusing, but the Canadian conundrum that has weakened my resolve is even less amusing …. I will try to find the words … please wait for my next post …

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