Chief Yahaan, or Not!

Above is a video update  on the active tensions of the Lelu stand-off. These confrontations or mini stand-offs are occurring regularly in the run-up to the environmental report and Federal government decision that will be significant in the way things unfold. In the meanwhile, on May 17, the authority and locus standi of Donald Wesley or Chief Yahaan in this engagement, has been questioned by the Ts’msyen hereditary chiefs, matrons, elders and hereditary leaders of the Nine Tribes of Lax Kw’alaams. They have  issued a statement about Donald Wesley, declaring that he is not a hereditary chief and demanding that he and his band of illegal protesters stop their occupation of Lelu island immediately. This seems very damaging to Mr.Wesley`s credibility and is potentially a determining factor in this brittle stand-off. Regardless of their position on Mr. Wesley`s status and occupation of Lelu, leaders of the Nine Tribes agree with him on the following propositions –

  1. That there had been secret and unauthorized negotiations by their elected representative  about the project without consulting the elders, leaders or the community.
  2. That there was massive opposition from the community to the project.

Still, the bottom line is that they want everyone off the island, leaving us with a standoff- within a stand-off!!