A Malaysian in BC: Part 12

Rajah_150406_001 Mudik Pulang PKW
1 MUDIK PULANG Koboi Balik Kampung Series,12 Chromogenic Printed in a Limited Edition of 9, Niranjan Rajah, 2015

As the contradictory affectations of hubris (Malaysia Boleh!) and dread (Splendor sine occasu) subside in me, the complexities of the merging of my two worlds on either side of the Pacific Ocean, have became a compelling subject of interest for me. Beyond the political, economic and environmental outcomes, what draws me to this global complex of resources, capital, culture and power is the epistemological dimension. Within this expanse of personal, provincial, national and international concerns,  I seek to connect contemporary discourses from Malaysia and BC. Can contemporary modes of communication be used to construct a transnational, transpacific community of contestation and accord? While contemporary information flows are as global as capital movements, true knowledge, remains immobile in what one might call local epistemes. While the internet has delivered on its promise of ubiquitous information, its solipsistic social media and marketing interfaces have contributed to this near paradox of local knowledge from global information . Can the peoples of democratic nations find ways to mix or merge their native epistemes across the solipsistic internet interfaces, to create new meaning and understanding. This is an important question given that such meanings are vital for the survival of democratic processes in an increasingly transnational and corporate world order. Indeed, there seems to be so much information in the contemporary media about the emerging situations in Malaysia and British Columbia, but conversely, so little interest and understanding across what I would call epestemic ghettos.These are the stirrings behind the 12 posts that comprise the ‘A Malaysian in BC’ essay and also the underlying motivation for this Koboi Kembara Lagi Blog.