LNG Bluff 4: BC NDP

The NDP is the provincial opposition and  they purportedly  represent both  labour and the values of the left, which seem, in today’s BC, less congruous then they might sound. When the Feds approved the Lelu island project in September 2016, NDP MP Nathan Cullen, said that the approval broke the Federal Liberal promise of respect and proper consultation with First Nations and that the decision threatens the wild salmon economy and the climate. It must be noted however that John Horgan, the Leader of the the party, no less, has already apologised to the leader of the BC Building Trade unions for a previous statement against the project made without union consultation. He has, in fact, already stated that the NDP could change their position based on the green house gas numbers … It seems to be a strategy of  wait and see or bait and switch even!




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