Interventions: Japan Times

During my time in Singapore for the 1st and  3rd Mango Performances at the Singapore Biennale, I made 5 contributions from the floor of various public discussions. The 4th of these interventions, made at the Biennale Symposium, was reported in the culture section of Japan Times as a part of an article on the Biennale. It was an analytical piece and I was happy to be reported within it. I feel, however, that the intent and nuance of my contribution has been simplified in order present the reaction to my intervention as an exemplar of the administrative culture that pervades and hampers the Singapore arts scene. While the author has made a viable critique, from his perspective, I was left feeling that my own position needed some elaboration. I wrote a letter of clarification to the Japan Times and, most kindly, the editor has published it.

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