LNG Bluff 5: Greens

greensYesterday, the left leaning NDP officially formed the new government of British Columbia thereby ending of 16 years of conservative Liberal Party rule in our Province. The NDP had no majority on their own but with the support of the BC Green party they just pushed past the Liberals by one seat. I have addressed the duality of the NDP position regarding the Lelu Island  LNG development in a previous post and now I want to address the position of their new allies the BC Greens. Andrew Weaver, the leader of the Greens, had denounced LNG as a “pipe dream” upon first taking office as an MLA in 2013. He as the lone Green MLA, voted against the special tax regime that both the Liberals and New Democrats approved for LNG development in 2014. Further, in the runup to the recent elections which saw a record 3 Green MLAs in the BC legislature, he promised to repeal the BC government”s agreement with Pacific NorthWest/ PETRONAS to develop their LNG terminal on Lelu Island. Weaver has however, in the wake if the elections agreed to support the NDP in governing BC, giving this new alliance a tenuous majority of 1 in the provincial parliament.  In fact, the NDP appointed speaker  would have to break with convention and cast his vote with the government for this alliance to sucessfully pass any legislation. How can Weaver hold his position on Lelu LNG if the NDP fall in behind the Feds, the Liberals and their own powerful patrons, the alliance of BC Building Trade unions, in supporting the project.


Image : http://commonsensecanadian.ca/rafe-elizabeth-may-greens-double-bc/