The Mango of Truth


The Mango of Truth Performance will be carried out twice during the Burning Man event, once at camp and once on the playa.  At the heart of this performance is the presentation of an antique terracotta icon for Lord Krishna and the gifting of mangos at the end of each performance. The performance will take place beneath the Pazham Neeyappa (You art the Fruit) banner of SUPERSTAR Rajinikanth. The Krishna icon will be shown to the audience along with a ripe mango. The Koboi will narrate the meaning of the mango within Hindu worldview, in terms of the Hindu concept of knowledge, and in terms of ideas of love and truth. The narrative will be centered on the exploits of Lord Krishna. These ideas and allegories will lead to a reflections on the ‘image’ (Superstars, cowboy, etc.) and on the nature ’truth’ (false news, post-truth, etc.) in our contemporary reality. Jane Frankish will read poems from her Jane And The Library Monkeys Blog on a Megaphone. Tara Rajah will play short improvisations of Joe Ely’s Indian Cowboy on the cello and Durga Rajah will photograph the performances for future Koboi Project editions.