Al-Kesah Tiga Abdul

3 abdul split

Teka teki – “Di atas langit, di bawah bumi, apa di tengah-tengahnya?” While the image I was trying to produce during my Koboi photo-shoot at Merlimau with Paiman and Hasnul was supposed to index Al-Kesah, Ismail Zain, Digital Collage, Electronic Art, Globalization, Post-tradition and a host of other referents, there is no denying the unintended match up with the characters of P Ramlee’s 1964 film, Tiga Abdul (iaitu Abdul Wahab, Abdul Wahib and Abdul Wahub – yang bongsu namanya Wahub – dialah yang berbaju putih di tengah-tengahnya!! Apa lagi di tengah-tengahnya? – Hayioh, tonotn lah wayangnya! (Clip di bawah)

Film clip has been removed but the answer is still here:

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