Home as Expanded Field

johntran-870x580Here is The Japan Times Listing for ‘Home in the Expanded Field’, Courtyard Hiroo, Tokyo, May 20018. This is a “group exhibition, with work by artists from Japan, Britain and Malaysia, ‘home’ is explored as an unstable or elusive concept. The connotations of security, belonging or familiarity, are taken to task by Hana Sakuma, John L Tran, Rie Iwatake & Jun’ya Kataoka, Freyja Dean, Richard Paul, Junko Otake and Niranjan Rajah, who reconsider what constitutes home either by drawing from their own experience of displacement, or making the home environment strange and extraordinary”. I am delighted to be a part of this show with John Tran, with whom I initially engaged in an exchange in the Japan Times. I wrote a ‘clarification‘ on his insightful article on the Singapore Biennale 2016. Thanks John for making this possible!

Image: Our Once Beautiful Features’ by John L. Tran



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