Stateless Indians Clock

100 DAYS! Good Morning Malaysia this is Day one of a new Malaysian era! While I celebrate our change of government as an unprecedented expression of democratic praxis, I feel obliged to note that, in the midst of the euphoria, the clock is ticking on promises made. Writing as an Indian Malaysian, I want to remind the new government in power that as they the opposition they gave themselves 100 days to solve the ‘Stateless Indians’ problem. I was skeptical about this promise, which I suggest is, at best, hyperbole for a much less expansive promise – to set in place the laws, administrative procedures and outreach that might make it possible to begin addressing the problem stateless among Malaysian Indians. So while I hold that the promise was unscrupulous in its overreach, within it there is a discernible and actionable offer made to the Indian community. This offer, it seems, has now been accepted. And consideration has been given in the form of the mandate to govern. It is now up to Tun Dr Mahathir and his presently crystallizing Pakatan Harapan cabinet to deliver on this contract  – on this Indian aspect of the new social contract. The 100 day clock is ticking!


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