Black Hat Thai Style


The Koboi performance for the Bangkok Biennale 2018 references Wisit Sasanatieng’s highly stylized and beautifully colourized 2007 film, Fah Talai Jone (Tears of the Black Tiger), in which the character of Dum gives the cliche of the ‘black-hat cowboy’ a Rahuesque intensity!  Ultimately Cowboys and Indians: Bangkok Edition is, like Sasanatieng’s film as I understand it, a paean to almighty Buddha for his compassion​.

Yoo hoo hoo hoo
I’ve been crying for your mercy
Does anyone have some mercy for me

Yoo hoo hoo hoo

From the lyrics of Mercy by Leud Prasomsap
(as translated in the subtitles of Tears of the Black Tiger DVD)


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