Dari Pusat Tasek 31

The Dari Pusat Tasek exhibition at Percha Artspace will close on 19 Jan 2020. I am grateful to Percha Artspace and Kapallorek for hosting the Dari Pusat Tasek Performance and Installation.

​I would like to thank  Nur Hanim Khairuddin for kindly officiating the opening reception.

​I thank Sang Nabil Utama for his his advice on Malay ritual form and for his assistance during the performance.

​I would also like to thank  Mohd Najmi Jamaluddin for the sensitive and articulate photography.

​I thank Suhaila Hashim for her beautiful and delicious kuih pauh dilayang.

​I thank Azizan Paiman for curating the event seamlessly.

​Thanks also to Hamzah Yazd and Zai Kuning who graced the evening with their Gazal Pauh di bibir laut’ performance.

Finally, I thank all those who attended the performance and the opening making it an eventful happening at the Lumut Waterfront.