1. Citizens have a right to view the numbers (including names) that determined support for the two sides. 
  2. Citizens voice disapproval and disgust over those facing criminal charges and stood behind or participated in the overthrow of the democratically elected government. These unscrupulous politicians must be taken to task.
  3. Parliament must convene without delay to allow support for the new PM and government to be tested. Otherwise, this new government is seen as illegitimate. This principle of legitimacy cannot be compromised.
  4. In the event Perikatan Nasional fails to secure majority support in Parliament, Pakatan Harapan should be given the chance to form government in compliance with the mandate given by the people after GE14.
  5. Politicians cannot take power claiming that they are the architects of democracy. It is the people who have this honourable duty. Politicians have a moral obligation to fulfil the trust given to them. As such, Patriot does not buy the assurances preached by renegades and traitors.
  6. Any person that is to be appointed a minister, deputy minister and including all those political appointees must be vetted by the MACC and police to ensure that they do not have records of being corrupt or a criminal record and including no criminal charges pending or in progress. This is the time we get rid of corrupt individuals and criminals masquerading to be our leaders.”

Extract from a media statement by Patriot endorsed by the following NGOs/groups:

1. Suaram

2. Pusat Komas

3. Our Journey

4. Kryss Network

5. C4

6. Ohmsi

7. Maju

8. WAO

9. Caged

10. Tindak Malaysia

11. Sabm

12. MyPJ

13. PTD Policy Interest Group

14. Edict

15. CIJ


17. LLG

18. Malaysian Academic Movement (Gerak)

19. G25 Malaysia

20. Service Civil International (SCI-KL)

21. Business Ethics Institute of Malaysia (Beim)

22. Persatuan Promosi Harmoni Malaysia