Rajinikanth’s Political Entry

According to Nikkei Asia staff writer Kiran Sharma Rajinikanth said on the 3rd of December that he will formally announce the launching of his party to compete in the Tamil Nadu state elections on Dec. 31, 2021. This leaves a very short lead time to the start of voting which begins in April 2021. The SUPERSTAR is reported to have said “It’s now or never.” Indeed, time is of the essence! As D Govadran observes in the Times of India, his fans and followers have been waiting for over 24 years.

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In the above image from the Momotaro San series, Takedawala meets Koboi Balik Kampung  in Shinjuku!  I was privileged to be collaborating with Takedawala (Hiroyoshi Takeda) who is an artist, a South Indian chef, and a renown Rajinikanth fan. With his support the performance included an Auto-rickshaw as well as Mango Pachadi Dango, a Japanese dumpling with a South Indian filling, that  was especially conceived and developed for this performance.