Potentiality and Prediction 1

My Essay Towards A Post-Traditional Gnoseology of Potentiality and Prediction: Preliminaries‘ is published in Oliver Hockenhull’s marvelous A House Made of Dawn: The Sublime Horizon of the Digital Arts as the Concluding Formation of the Information Civilization (2021).’ This which “marries science fiction stories with non-fiction essays and with video interventions regarding developments in digital art, computer, communication and network technologies.” The Image that graces my essay is taken from Y. B Yeats’ ‘Michael Robartes and the Dancer‘. It is a representation of a pair of interpenetrating cones, “the narrow end of each cone being in the center of the broad end of the other.” Its geometry encapsulates humanity’s passage in time and eternity. It is also, I suggest, the shape of a reconciliation between traditional and contemporary approaches to reality.