Kuning, Merah…

Merdeka Day 56th 2013 Aug 31 human flag Abdul Samad Building

Ingatkah lagi masa di sekolah,
menjadi warna anggota bendera.

Di stadium atau di padang yang besar,
merayakan hari gemilang Merdeka.

Hmm…  saya jadi kuning rasanya
sekarang suda breubah tandanya.


Red vs Yellow!


A troubling development in terms of the symbolism of Malaysian identity is the racializing of the colours Yellow and Red following the recent of Bersih 4 protests.  The withdrawal of PAS a form the organizing and mobilizing of the Bersih movement and event has resulted in a visible difference in the crowd. There is a dearth of Malay participants, and consequently, the Bersih Yellow has come to signify the ‘Chinese interest’ rather than the intended symbolism of ‘Clean and Fair Politics’. The Bersih 4 march was swiftly followed by a definitively Malay Red shirt rally, filled all the ugly posturing that brings the deja vu of may 13th 1969  to older Malaysians.