But How to Proceed?


There is so much going on in Malaysia. The most troubling development is the racializing of the colours Yellow and Red in the wake of Bersih 4. The dearth of Malay participants, essentially due to the leavening of Pakatan ties and the withdrawal of PAS and its members form the organizing and mobilizing of the Berseh event resulted in a visible difference. Yellow was indeed appearing to signify the Chinese interest as much as much as it’s intended  symbolism of Clean and Fair Politics. This event was swiftly followed by a definitively Malay Red shirt rally, and all the ugly posturings that bring the shivers of deja vu to older Malaysians. Anyhow, from over here in BC, it all looks a little different. Things always looked different in this virtual perspective from across the Pacific ocean, but these days, we have our own domestic angle on Malaysia. Yup, PETRONAS is sailing into port and the forward waves are already hitting our shores…..

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