Forms of Government 4

4. Infocracy: A form of government based on the control of information. We have moved from the age of state controlled media to an era of oligarchic media cross interests. We have also moved from broadcast media to social media -Facebook, Google, Amazon, cyber troopers, bot farms ……

Forms of Government 3

3. Hypnocracy: A form of government based on the susseptibility of human consciousness to having its attention focused from the outside, resulting in a reduced awareness of political reality and an enhanced capacity to respond to manipulative suggestions. This term was coined by Mark Parlett.

8 Babi Keling

Keling Maya: Post-traditional Media, Malaysian Cyberspace and Me, presented at the Aliran Semasa Symposium, 2013, at the National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur.

I have not linked to this video directly for many reasons, not least of which is the possible hurt involved to the victim. I will simply say that a search for ‘babi keling Hindraf’ will reveal that it is still available online for those who are determined to view it. I also recognize of the instrumental nature of information on the Internet, I note also note that, while I believe that this video authentic, it has been published by Hindraf, which is a political entity.

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