The Lelu Stand-off

mexican-standoff2The latest move in the Petronas – First Nations – BC liberals – Federal Liberals standoff is that the first nations are taking taking their case to the UN. Hereditary Chief John Ridsdale,of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation, said the Petronas project undermines Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s pledge to protect the rights of indigenous people, made at the very same UN. The Trudeau Cabinet had delayed its decision on an environmental assessment covering the Petronas owned Pacific Northwest LNG plant till late June and the tension is mounting. The recent announcement of an indefinite delay in a similar Shell project in Kitimat does not bode well for the Petronas investment. It seems that the first serious move in this standoff has been thrust upon the unwitting Federal Liberals. Petronas who may already have decided again pursuing this newly untenable investment can play it cool and see what the Feds come up with! The Lax Kw’Alaams, meanwhile, are building on Lelu in the hope that this strengthens their claim in law, and if not in law, it will certainly strengthen their claim  in fact. Its gonna take one hell of a showdown to get them off the island.It seems that all the BC Liberals can do is wait and see…. just like in Leone’s The Good the Bad and the Ugly, some of the guns are not even loaded! My call, at this point  – is that the fish are going to be just fine!!! Image from acrossthestreetnet

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