A Malaysian in BC: Part 2

hujan gremis

Koboi Balik Kampung, Archival Chromogenic Print, Copyright 2015 by Niranjan Rajah

I want to fill in some background information about my own stake in this complex junction of interests …  I am a Malaysian living in Vancouver, British Columbia. In June 2013, I visited Kuala Lumpur, after being away for 13 years. It was a very exciting return for me in so many ways, not least because the fallout from the closely fought 13th General Elections was still in the air. This excitement was compounded for me as there was at this time hot news from British Columbia, news that the provincial government had just announced a 36 billion Canadian dollar investment by the PETRONAS Group of Companies in the local LNG industry. I had returned  ‘home’ to the news of a potential Malaysian hegemony in the prime future industry of my ‘home away from home’. There was a lot at stake economically for British Columbia and politically for the provincial Liberal party that governs BC. As a Malaysian resident of British Columbia, I was very excited by this news … but even in the hubris of the moment, I sensed, with deep unease, the foreshadows of territorial, economic and environmental strife.