Koboi Balik Lagi

fb_img_1477363297537Yes, the Koboi is back! And this time his return takes me to the heart of the Southeast Asian art machine – just landed yesterday in Singapore. I am presenting at the Singapore Biannale 2016 which opens at the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) on the 26th of October. My very first gig here was in 1995 when I spoke at the ‘ASEAN Workshops, Exhibition and Symposium on Aesthetics’, which was also heald at SAM. I delivered a paper titled ‘Beyond Art History’ which proposed a new methodology for the contemporary art of the region, one that priviĺlleges social history and traditional aesthetics over the recieved norms of art history and criticism… anyway, I digress … the point of this post is to say that my work preceeded me by a couple of weeks and has been installed by the brilliant crew at the Singapore Art Museum. I get my first peek shortly as we finalize the installation.

Image from https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1398362306858328&id=100000537162995