Antara Saudara Mara 6

Mahathir rejected a proposal that PKR president Anwar Ibrahim become the deputy prime minister if Mahathir succeeded in forming the new government. This is according to Malaysiakini, who further reported that Mahathir explained his decision to another news carrier thus, “Anwar is more in tune with politicking rather than as an administrator.” What then of the mandate of the people, given on the basis of his agreement to transfer the Prime Ministership to Anwar? Indeed, it seems that the Pakatan Coalition was built on a false promise! A hollow pact (pakatan) if there ever was one!


Ayam rakyat disambar helang,
Sawah jelata di rosak lalang;
Wahai Tun yang moyangnya Mamak,
lidah mu Keling, jelas ternampak!

Pantun ‘pascha tradisi’ merujuk kepada bunga bunga bahasa Melayu asli –
1. Ayam ditambat disambar helang, Sawah ditanam tumbuh lalang
2. Lidah Keling


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