The Boss is Back 7

Vaa Saamy is the 4th single released from the Annaatthe soundtrack.As observed in Film Beat “The Vaa Saamy song hints that Annaatthe will not just revolve around the family man avatar of the Annaatthe, but also features him as an action hero.” The clips featured in the video release are indeed stylishly violent in the Superstars’s signature style but what can it signify in the aftermath of his anti-climactic political non-entry? After the powerful social reform symbolism of his his roles Kabali and Kaala by Pa Ranjith, the violence in the following releases, Petta and Darbar seemed a little gratuitous. Now, in Annaatthe, the Superstar’s first release after the reneging of his promise to enter the Tamil Nadu political arena, one wonders what his avenging avatar might signify!. While I expect to be disappointed at the deepest connotative level, I still look forward to enjoying the incomparable denotations, detonations even, of his incomparable stylistics. … Vaa Saamy!!!

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