Makkal Sevai Katchi!

1 Autokkaaran,

The Election Commission of Tamil Nadu has allotted the “Auto-rickshaw” symbol to a newly registered party called ‘Makkal Sevai Katchi,’ (MSK) which is, according to Outlook, believed to be the party floated by Tamil SUPERSTAR Rajinikanth to contest in the 2021 Tamil Nadu State Assembly elections. The article cites the lyrics Autokkaaran, autokkaaran, naalum therijna rootukkaaran (I am an auto-driver who knows all the ways) from the introductory song from his blockbuster film “Baasha” (1995).

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The above image from the series was shot in Nishi-kasai , Tokyo as a part of the Momotaro San series of the Koboi Project. This work encapsulates a performance which was hosted at the Courtyard Hiroo Gallery, Tokyo on 11th May 2018 as part of ‘Home’ in the Expanded Field.’ It explores an intersection of Indian and Japanese symbols through interactions with the visionary film critic and promoter Fumio Furuya (a.k.a Jun Edoki) and Hiroyoshi Takeda who is an artist, chef (Masalawala) and Rajinikanth fan of great renown.