The Boss is Back 11

The tutelary deity featured in Rajinikanth’s upcoming film Annaatthe is the Grama Deivam (village guardian) Madurai Veeran. Throughout the trailer the Superstar wields the aruval, a south Indian billhook (a cross between a sickle and a machete), which is a weapon in the iconography of Madurai Veeran. According to Preethi Zachariah the aruval is used to clear fields, collect firewood, to crack coconuts, and also in the worship of other Kaval Deivam (tutelary deities) like Karuppu Swamy and Ayyanar.

As happyhindu notes, Madurai Veeran is worshipped in an agricultural context “to ward off disasters affecting crops, cattle, and illnesses.” He is the protector of agricultural people and their lands as, it seems, is Kalaiayyan, Rajinikanth’s avatar in Annaatthe, who rides “a Royal Enfield bike, wearing a helmet and earphones, an aruval dangling from the bike.”

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