The Boss is Back 12

In a Rajinikanth movie the star always plays two roles simultaneously, that of the particular character of the present movie and that of the transcendent Superstar. There is a layered semiotics in which, while the character is signified within the narrative realm, the Superstar is always indexed at a higher order signification. In the recently released film, Annaatthe this layering of the lead character Kaliyan and the Superstar, brought into high relief by the co-presence two of his former leading ladies, Meena (Muthu, 1995) and Khushboo (Mannan 1992), is complicated by the iconography of theGrama Deivam (village guardian) Madurai Veeran. If Kaliyan’s love interest is Pattu, played by Nayanthara, the Superstar’s true consorts in Annaatthe are Meena and Kushbu, both! This polygamous imagery derives, no doubt from deep Tamil tradition -Madurai Veeran is always depicted with his two consorts Vellaiammal and Bommi.


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